Sponsorship conference, September 14, 2019

AA Sponsorship Conference 2019

Saturday, September 14—8 a.m-6 p.m.

Meeting Notes for March 14, 2019

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We Never Have to be Alone Again:  How Sponsorship Works Past and Present

Discover the benefits and rewards of sponsorship – for sponsees and sponsors

Sign up for service;  There is a place for everyone to help and stay sober!  If you would like to be a part of planning our program for the day

Go to our web page to pick the areas in which you would like to help

Contact:  Will R,  sponsorconference@aa-dc.org or 301-455-1256

Volunteers and Service needed:

            Hospitality committee (greeters on each floor, parking, guide and answer questions)

            Registration committee to track registrations, check in, names tags

            Coffee and tea table

            Buy Morning treats-danish and fruit platter

            Afternoon treats-brownies, cookies and other snacks for after lunch

            Create signs for directions and room within the building

            Graphics—create registration form, program bifold for registrants and invitational flyers

            Arrange for Spanish translation with headphones and ASL interpreter

            Facilities preparation (set up chairs before and after the conference)

            Treasurer-manage budget, track receipts, payments and income

            Lunch coordination with Subway

            50-50 Raffle

            Sound Recording

Thanks for your assistance.

Will R


Area wide Sponsorship conference, September 14, 2019 from 8am to 6pm at

Seekers Church
276 Carroll Street NW
Washington DC 20012

The agenda includes four panels focusing on sponsors, sponsees, service sponsors, and special sponsorship situations. There will be an opportunity to submit questions to  a panel. If interested in participating in the planning, please use the contact form below