Meeting cancellations

List of local online meetings.

DC, MD and VA have issued various levels of “stay at home” orders – this has effectively cancelled all in-person A.A. meetings. Please use the above link to find an online meeting – if you cannot connect by computer or app – look for the dial in phone number and access code for audio only connection.

All the meetings for the following locations are temporarily cancelled:

Be sure to click on meetings and locations to see if alternate meeting sites or phone meetings have been established.

Group and individual meeting cancellations are now listed in the main meeting list as well as the meeting guide app (with some delay). Click on a meeting’s name to see if any information about an alternate meeting place, phone meetings or online meetings have been provided by the group.

If the group has set up a phone meeting and informed WAIA a link will be be included on the meeting’s page.

Suggested resources for setting up a temporary online meeting

Online meetings:

Groups should get in touch with their landlords to see if they can still meet at their particular location – and if closed, ask to be notified when they reopen. Please keep WAIA updated:

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