10:00 am Backward Glance Bethlehem Lutheran Church 8922 Little River Turnpike Fairfax Discussion, Open
10:00 am Tee Toddlers Women Lord of Life Lutheran Church 5114 Twinbrook Rd Fairfax Closed, Step Meeting, Women
10:00 am Sober Sisters Temporary Closure, Women St. George's United Methodist Church 4910 Ox Rd Fairfax Closed, Step Meeting, Temporary Closure, Women
11:00 am Circle of Hope Fairfax Circle Baptist Church 3110 Chichester Ln Fairfax Closed, Discussion
11:00 am Foglifters Men's Stag Men Pan Am Family Restaurant 3051 Nutley St SW Fairfax Discussion, Men, Open, Wheelchair Access
7:00 pm Saturday Nite No Name Step Christ Lutheran Church 3810 Meredith Dr Fairfax Closed, Step Meeting