Online/Phone Meeting Resources

Please send your group’s online/phone meeting details to

List of local online/phone meetings

Important info on Zoom meetings and Anonymity

List of cancelled meetings and closed clubs

National online intergroup

If a group has told us that they have set up an online/phone meeting – the information has been added to their individual meeting – even if it’s listed as “temporarily closed.” For example – this group has started a zoom and phone meeting at their regular meeting time.

You can now report a change to a meeting’s online/phone information through the regular link at the bottom of the meeting info “Request a change to this listing”

WAIA is only posting online meeting information sponsored by a group – if it’s a new meeting, seperate from an existing meeting but still run by a group we will post it as an event like Happy Joyous & Free Young People’s – AA Open Discussion video meeting (March 22nd at 7pm)

WAIA is providing the following resources for setting up online meetings:

Thank you for keeping WAIA informed as we seek to keep you all informed. Please forward this email to other people and groups.

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