Sponsorship Conference 2021!

WAIA 3rd Annual Sponsorship Conference – Saturday September 2021: TDB

Call for service from Will R., past chair of 2019-2020 Sponsorship Conferences:

I think you will agree that Sponsorship is an essential part of an alcoholic’s recovery. Because of this, the sponsorship process has been a topic of countless discussions, books, and workshops. Here in Area 13, for the past two years WAIA has helped sponsor a Sponsorship Conference that provided a way to educate, inspire, and share experience, strength, and hope about sponsorship.

We are now at a decision point about whether there will be a third annual Sponsorship Conference.  I have been the Chair of the conference the past two years; but it is time to step back from that role.  Is someone else being called to step up? Is there still a need for an annual sponsorship conference? Do people feel drawn to participate in making the conference happen?

To facilitate an orderly transfer of knowledge about how the conference has been operated, I have identified the volunteer roles and responsibilities that make the conference successful.  I am also available to help the new chairperson.

If you are inspired to make the conference happen again this year, please let me know of your interest.  Please be specific.  The project will need coordinators and a chair-person.  Please email: sponcon@aa-dc.org. Based on the level of interest and the emergence of someone interested in being chair, I will schedule a planning meeting to identify the next steps.  In short, I am leaving the decision to move forward in the hands of the Higher Power.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

Will R., Sponsorship Chair,  301-455-1256


Proposed 2021 Sponsorship Conference Service Positions (based on the 2020 Conference):