Accessibility Committee

The Accessibility service committee handles the following needs:

The purpose of the accessibility committee is to help make AA accessible to every member who desires it by:
  1. Raising awareness within the AA community of the challenges faced by those with special needs such as mobility, vision, hearing etc. when accessing meetings; and
  2. building capacity within the AA community to offer meetings, special functions, and service opportunities to members with special needs.

Our goal is to include all alcoholics in the experience of belonging to a group and partaking in the full range of benefits of membership in AA.

The accessibility committee does not arrange transportation to meetings or bring meetings to those who cannot attend.

If you have a request for the Accessibility Committee, contact:

Washington Area Resources for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

AA World Services also has information for accessibility: P-83 – Accessibility for all Alcoholics

The online resource for Alcoholics Anonymous in the nation's capital.