By-Laws Ratified April 11, 2023

The motion to update the by-laws regarding the corporation’s annual financial review process was approved by vote during the April 11, 2023 WAIA board meeting.

2023 updates include changes to the description of Chair and Treasurer responsibilities to reflect revised language regarding the annual financial review process, replacing the reference to an “annual audit” with “annual review”,  describing the monthly financial review process, and defining the optional types of financial review to be completed.

The By-laws were last amended in 2017, following a 2-year review in the Rules Committee (ratified at the November 14, 2017, WAIA Board of Directors meeting). Details of the 2017 update can be read here.

The current bylaws can be viewed here:
WAIA Bylaws – Ratified – 11APR2023 (PDF format)

Previous versions of the bylaws:

About the Rules Committee

While AA does not have rules, WAIA a 501(c)(3) corporation does.  These rules are known as bylaws.  The Rules Committee maintains and interprets the WAIA bylaws.

If you would like to participate in the Rules Committee or for more info, contact:

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