Bylaw Update

This page is historical in nature – the amended bylaws were adopted by vote during the November 14, 2017 meeting of the WAIA board of directors – the December special meeting was not required.

Dear WAIA Board Member:

As you may be aware, over the last two years, the Rules Committee has been reviewing and drafting proposed amended bylaws.  The Committee has met no less than 20 times and at least 15 members have contributed to the drafting and review process.  Thus, after extensive efforts, the Committee believes the amendment is ready for formal adoption.  A motion will be brought to the floor at the November 14 WAIA Board Meeting to adopt the amendment.

The following link allows you to view the current bylaws:
A redline (Tracked Changes) version of the proposed amendment:
And a clean version of the proposed amendment:

The purpose of the amendment was to resolve a number of ambiguities in the bylaws, make them more user-friendly by allowing readers to perhaps find things more easily, and allow for more transparency.  While there are many technical changes to the bylaws, many of the substantive changes can be broken down into the following general categories, for example:

1.  Many ambiguities were resolved;
2.  The language was made consistent throughout (e.g., previously in some places it said “Corporation” and others it said “Association.”  It now says “Corporation” throughout).
3.  The language was made gender neutral (e.g., Chairman would now be called “Chair”)
4.  Clarification of the Roles and Responsibilities of Officers and members
5. Increase reliance on “Right of Decision” but more checks and balances
6. Reorganization of the Committees and Renaming of the Committees (e.g., website committee would now be known as technology committee, the designation of corporate committees, and renaming standing committees to be called service committees).

After the motion is brought to the floor on November 14 (and assuming it is seconded), and if there is call for discussion (if there is a second and no objection or call for discussion, it automatically passes), the motion will be tabled and a special session will be held to on Saturday, December 2 at 10:30 am at the Montgomery County Public Library in Chevy Chase, 8005 Connecticut Ave, Chevy Chase, MD.

Should you have any questions please feel to contact the Rules Committee Chair or me at or  Thank you.

In Love and Service,

Matt B.

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