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What is W.A.I.A.?

The Washington Area Intergroup Association is a service board of representatives from the groups in the Washington Area, including Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties, MD, as well as Washington, DC. Its purpose is service work — to help the groups carry the message on an area-wide basis. Just a few examples are: answering the A.A. telephones, publishing the Where & When, taking meetings to hospitals and institutions, and sponsoring various area events.

How is WAIA Organized?

There are officers and an executive committee elected for one year terms, but most major issues are voted on by the full intergroup. Some of the Intergroup service work is done by its various committees, and some is done at its Central Office. WAIA asks each group to elect a representative to serve on the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors meets at 8:00 PM on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, except August. The Board elects an Executive Committee which responds to member and group concerns, making recommendations to the board.

The Board currently meets online via Zoom. Details are posted on the events page monthly.

What is the Central Office?

This is the place where volunteers answer the A.A. phones 12 hours a day (Office is staffed 10AM to 10PM, night calls are re-routed to Night Watch volunteers). This is also where A.A. literature is sold, and the Where and When and the area newsletter are published. The office also serves as a clearing house for information on area activities.

Phone calls from Central Office come from the number 202-966-9782 please put this number in your phone in addition to the main number if you have signed up for 12th step service so you know it’s the office calling!

WAIA Committees


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