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THANK YOU to everyone (50+people) who participated in the “Online Meeting Organizers-Share your Experience, Strength and Hope” we held on March 31 @ 9:00 pm – 10:00+… pm

Notes for the online meeting organizers call – open for comment to contribute more info

Check out the 2019 National AA Technology Workshop report

Meeting guide App/Plugin and NAATW featured in Box 459 AA Newsletter

As presented to the WAIA board on April 9th 2019: the technology committee’s plan for switching over WAIA email services and cloud document storage to G Suite: WAIA_and_GSUITE_20190409.pdf

Please contact the website committee with any feedback you have about our website, both good and bad. This is not the right place for corrections to meeting information, those should go either in the New Meeting Form or by requesting an update on an individual meeting page.

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