2023 Gratitude Month Flyer

The Washington Area Intergroup Association (WAIA) celebrates Gratitude Month each November.

We are running our campaign virtually and with traditional Gratitude Boxes for in-person meetings. Please go to https://aa-dc.org/give or with Venmo @WAIADC and share the details below in your In Person meeting or your online meeting:

WAIA Annual Gratitude Month Collection 2023
Can you spare the price of a drink?

About WAIA:

WAIA includes a central office, a Board made up of AA members representing area groups and service committees which help carry the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

Your contributions to WAIA will help ensure the hand of A.A. is always available in person at the office, on the phone 24 hours a day and through our website aa-dc.org.

We are grateful for contributions to WAIA from the past year that have supported:

  • 3,658 calls answered by office staff and volunteers providing assistance to AA members and to sick and suffering alcoholics.
  • Maintaining 638 In Person meetings, 323 Online meetings, and 86 Hybrid meetings. (Send any meeting changes to help@aa-dc.org).
  • 45th Annual Old Timers meeting: Flyer for this year’s event:
  • The Live Chat service which received over 670 visitors.
  • 75 Big Books and other literature donated to facilities serviced by the H&I Committee

For more information about WAIA, to get involved, get a Gratitude Box mailed to you or if you have any meeting changes or updates, contact us at:

  • help@aa-dc.org
  • 202-966-9115

Chips and Literature

You can support WAIA by purchasing your chips and literature from us. You can email orders@aa-dc.org with what you would like and the office will contact you by phone for payment options.

The current office hours are listed on the home page. You can drop by the office or your orders can be shipped.

WAIA, 4530 Connecticut Ave. NW Suite 111 Washington, DC 20008

How do I contribute?

  • You can send the donations by check by mail or cash in person to the WAIA office (WAIA, 4530 Connecticut Ave. NW Suite 111 Washington, DC 20008 ) or – contribute online with credit card, Zelle, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Bank Account or by Venmo @WAIADC

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