WAIA & G Suite

WAIA is using a new service for email, document sharing, and collaboration – the Google Suite (G Suite) of cloud based services. For more information on why – how – and to address some privacy concerns please take a look at the presentation made to the WAIA board of directors in April, 2019: https://aa-dc.org/tech and feel free to contact the tech committee.

This new system is based around giving those who do service with WAIA electronically their own (free to you and WAIA) account on the WAIA G Suite with a personal @aa-dc.org email address where committee email will be copied and you will have the ability to communicate with the public anonymously, and preserving those communications for the next trusted servant filling your role for our fellowship.

Committee email will be copied to your @aa-dc.org account and the ability to communicate with the public

If you have an account you can use this link https://mail.google.com/a/aa-dc.org to access your email and other services.

Please Add a password recovery phone or email so you can reset this password on your own if you forget it. (Or reply here)
You can then add the account to the email App on your device (this is in addition to your personal account for any service):iphone: https://support.apple.com/ set up email account Android: https://support.google.com/ set up email account

If you have an account, please treat it and all associated resources as you would a professional work account: only for WAIA business and with the understanding that the WAIA G Suite administrators have access to your account as your employer would. (By rule you will be notified if a WAIA admin accesses your account)

You may choose to have all email to your @aa-dc.org account forwarded to your personal email but this is not recommended due to the possible privacy and anonymity issues which can occur. Using multiple email accounts can be simple and beneficial!

If you want to learn more, or have questions please check out google support, contact tech@aa-dc.org and/or participate in the monthly technology committee meeting (By conference call) – the Thursday after the monthly Board Meeting.

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