Hybrid AA Meetings

Can my group transition to a hybrid meeting format?

All AA groups are autonomous and are responsible to make decisions on how their meetings are run. This page is not granting permission, or specifying methods that should be followed. It only contains general information and some group-submitted descriptions on how they have implemented (or decided not to implement) a hybrid meeting format in some form.

What is a hybrid meeting?

Each group can determine what hybrid means to them – but in general a hybrid meeting combines the online AA format which has become familiar during the pandemic with the in-person meeting space. This can be as basic as using a phone or other simple device as the connection between the physical meeting and the AAs attending online. It can also be as complex as a “telepresence” setup like many business boardrooms have where images of attendees are on large screens with cameras positioned to show those in the physical space. Or anything inbetween.

Generally, what is not considered a hybrid meeting is when a group choses to run an online meeting in addition to their in-person meeting, not combining the attendees from the two. This would be two meetings just like any two meetings in different rooms.

How will WAIA List Hybrid meetings?

WAIA will list a hybrid meeting as the group requests it be listed. The WAIA reopening committee decided to create an “in-person” meeting type to aid in searching for physical meetings and a meeting will show up as “online” when it has a meeting-link associated with it. Therefore when a group provides a link and lets WAIA know they are returning to in-person – both of those indicators will show. Generally groups running hybrid meetings have requested to have “hybrid” listed in the name or notes section – and that keyword can be searched for.

Groups which have chosen to continue their online presence in addition to returning to in-person as two meetings will have two listings – one for the in person meeting and one for the online meeting.

Group’s experience in choosing to go hybrid (or not) and in running hybrid meetings.

Below are some submissions from AA groups and members on how they went about the hybrid meeting process. This is not an endorsement of the choices made by these groups – it is only a way to share the knowledge of those who have experience with those seeking it.

If you have a story regarding how your group implemented (or chose not to implement) hybrid meetings please email tech@aa-dc.org.

Be sure to include details like the type of meeting you are talking about such as speaker, big book, discussion, etc., and about the space your physical meeting is held in. Please do indicate the technology you are using and how the service position operating the technology works.

Please note we will be anonymizing the submissions as to not call out a group which changes their decisions/format over time (but please keep us updated!)

A Beginner Meeting’s Hybrid Decision (not to do it)

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