Online or Phone Meeting List

Below is a list of meetings which have provided WAIA information on their online or phone meetings. To add, edit or remove your group from this list email us at

Please know that these are impromptu – temporary meetings for local DMV AAs and newcomers – has lists of longstanding online meetings with far more capacity.

Online Zoom Meetings can now be found in the regular meeting finder system with the type “online”

The following is a list of meetings which don’t have a zoom or conferencing link and cannot be displayed in the main list above.

Updated 4/3/2020, 6:30 PM

Friday6:45 AMPhone OnlyHow It WorksGreenbelt Step Club
Friday8:00 AMLaurel RecoveryLaurel Recovery
Friday12:00 PMLaurel RecoveryLaurel Recovery
Friday12:00 PMPhone OnlyOpen Discussion180 Club
Friday5:30 PMLaurel RecoveryLaurel Recovery
Friday7:00 PMPhone OnlyDrop the Rock (Steps 6 & 7)180 Club
Friday7:00 PMPhone OnlyOne Day at a Time (Lanham)Mt. Calvary Baptist Church
Friday7:30 PMPhone OnlyPotomac OaksPotomac United Methodist Church
Friday8:00 PMLaurel RecoveryLaurel Recovery
Saturday6:45 AMPhone OnlyNecessary for LifeGreenbelt Step Club
Saturday12:00 PMLaurel RecoveryLaurel Recovery
Saturday5:30 PMLaurel RecoveryLaurel Recovery
Saturday8:30 PMLaurel RecoveryLaurel Recovery
Sunday6:45 AMPhone OnlyCame to BelieveGreenbelt Step Club
Sunday8:30 AMPhone Only180 Degree – 11th Step Candlelight180 Club
Sunday9:00 AMLaurel RecoveryLaurel Recovery
Sunday11:00 AMLaurel RecoveryLaurel Recovery
Sunday12:00 PMPhone OnlyOpen Discussion180 Club
Sunday4:00 PMGatewayMontgomery General Hospital
Sunday4:00 PMLaurel RecoveryLaurel Recovery
Sunday5:30 PMLaurel RecoveryLaurel Recovery
Sunday7:00 PMHappy Joyous and Free Young People’s GroupSilver Spring United Methodist Church
Sunday7:00 PMMen In RecoveryGeneva Presbyterian Church
Sunday7:30 PMSunday Steppers – VirtualNativity Lutheran Church
Sunday8:30 PMPhone OnlyHow It WorksUnited Church of Christ of Seneca valley
Monday6:45 AMPhone OnlySlogansGreenbelt Step Club
Monday8:00 AMGood MorningReston Police Station
Monday12:00 PMPhone Only180 Degree – Steps & Traditions180 Club
Monday12:00 PMLaurel RecoveryLaurel Recovery
Monday12:00 PMPhone OnlySingleness of PurposeEpiscopal Church of Our Savior
Monday5:30 PMLaurel RecoveryLaurel Recovery
Monday6:15 PMPhone OnlyRadicalsDerwood Alliance Church
Monday8:00 PMPhone OnlyOld FashionChrist Church
Monday8:30 PMYoung PeopleLaurel Recovery
Tuesday6:45 AMPhone OnlyTools of RecoveryGreenbelt Step Club
Tuesday8:00 AMGood MorningReston Police Station
Tuesday12:00 PMPhone Only180 Degree – Stools & Bottles180 Club
Tuesday5:30 PMLaurel RecoveryLaurel Recovery
Tuesday8:30 PMLaurel RecoveryLaurel Recovery
Tuesday8:30 PMTenley CircleSt Columba’s Episcopal Church
Wednesday6:45 AMPhone OnlyGreenbelt StepGreenbelt Step Club
Wednesday8:00 AMGood MorningReston Police Station
Wednesday12:00 PMPhone OnlyGrapevine180 Club
Wednesday12:00 PMLaurel RecoveryLaurel Recovery
Wednesday5:30 PMLaurel RecoveryLaurel Recovery
Wednesday6:00 PMPhone OnlyDouble RecoveryGood Shepherd Lutheran Church
Wednesday8:00 PMReality AlumniLaurel Recovery
Wednesday8:30 PMPhone OnlyUp the TubesTrinity United Methodist
Thursday6:45 AMPhone OnlySteps & TraditionsGreenbelt Step Club
Thursday8:00 AMGood MorningReston Police Station
Thursday12:00 PMPhone OnlyCame to Believe180 Club
Thursday5:30 PMLaurel RecoveryLaurel Recovery
Thursday6:30 PMPhone OnlyClinton 6:30Leonard Dyer health Center
Thursday7:30 PMPhone OnlyJaywalkers1st Baptist Church
Thursday8:00 PMLaurel RecoveryLaurel Recovery
Thursday8:30 PMPhone OnlyCleveland ParkCleveland Park Congregational ChurchCleveland Park

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