Online (only) Meetings

WAIA has decided to post online meetings on this page even if they are not replacements for existing “brick and mortar” in-person meetings.

We have some conditions which must be met in order to be posted here – this is to limit the possibility of a meeting going dark, becoming a dead-end for a newcomer.

  1. Must be an AA meeting- observing the traditions, etc. same requirement as a brick and mortar meeting.
  2. The meeting must have a local tie, like it began with DMV people or a DMV group.
  3. The meeting must attest that it has been going with regular attendance for at least 4 weeks
    be an offshoot of a brick-and-mortar group who will pledge to support it.
  4. A new meeting will need 2 contact persons who provide their phone numbers and email addresses along with the online meeting information so we can contact them if there are any issues.

Email the Name, Day, Time, Format, Meeting ID, Link, Password, Phone Number and Notes to to have your meeting listed if it meets the above guidelines.

Name:5th Dimension Young People’s Group of AA
When:Every Night 9:30 PM
Format:Open Meeting – Young People – Speaker/Discussion – Literature
Meeting ID:687 118 144
Phone Number:(301) 715 8592
Notes:The 5th Dimension Young People’s Group of AA is an audio/video speaker & discussion meeting that meets every night of the week. The Wednesday meeting includes an ASL interpreter.