Board Member Resources

Each board member is a WAIA Representative having been elected by an individual A.A. group in the DC/MD area and currently serving in that capacity. The Board of Directors shall control the management policies of the Corporation. (Bylaws Article 3, section 1)

Board member duties include: attending the monthly board meeting, reporting back to your group on calls for service, announcements of events, and committee reports. Members should also participate on committees and encourage participation by all AA members.

For New Representatives

Welcome! Below is a link to the AAWS G.S.R. RESOURCES page which has links to many pamphlets about service. This will be replaced soon with the WAIA New Representative packet information soon.


While AA does not have rules, WAIA a 501(c)(3) corporation does. These rules are known as bylaws. The Rules Committee maintains and interprets the WAIA bylaws.

About the WAIA Board of Directors Meeting

All A.A. members are encouraged to attend and participate in the board meeting; only registered board members may vote on motions. Newly elected reps must register at the beginning of the meeting. Alternates may vote if the primary is not present.

The Executive Committee is the steering committee for WAIA and administers the daily affairs of the corporation within guidelines that may be established by the Board of Directors. It is elected by the board from among the members each December.
Full bylaws available on the website

The Board of Directors meets at 7:00 PM on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, except August. The Board elects an Executive Committee which responds to member and group concerns, making recommendations to the board.


WAIA has various committees who carry out the various functions of the organization.

Board Meeting Minutes:

Each month the WAIA board meets and the executive committee secretary takes notes. After the meeting they assemble the notes into the official corporate minutes of the meeting. These are provisional and sent to the WAIA Board members by the Tuesday prior to the board meeting for review. Near the start of the next meeting a motion is requested to approve or to submit alterations to the previous month’s minutes. This process repeats each month.


One of the handouts provided at the start of each board meeting lists some important information – this is the “Board Handout.” While it may be updated from time to time, only the most current is available here.


In order to run an as efficient as possible meeting we strive to make a list of topics to be discussed at each board meeting prior to the meeting

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