Be the voice of AA!

WAIA is going to be running AA public service announcements (PSAs) on Spotify.  We will be using 30 second spots professionally developed by the General Service Office but we need to record 5 seconds at the end with our local website.  Please consider lending your voice.  Use the “Voice Memo” or similar app on your smartphone to record this text in less than six seconds:

Find local online meetings
happening now
A A (dash) D C (dot) Org

Speak normally and clearly – like you were telling a newcomer how to find us. Saying “org” (like organization) vs spelling out “O R G” is your call but time is very important and saying org tends to be faster.

The file you send does not need to be exactly 6 seconds – just speaking the above phrase needs to be less than 6. Feel free to record several tries (no more than 4) on the same recording with a second or two of silence in between.

The person whose recording is selected will NOT be identified, notified or receive any public credit.

The PSA ad hoc committee will listen to all submissions which are of good audio quality, with no background noise and that fit the time parameters and choose the clearest voice for radio.

To get the best audio quality make sure you choose the “highest quality” and “uncompressed” settings if available in whatever app you choose – to limit background noise and echo record under a heavy comforter or in a closet full of clothes to absorb echo. Some laptops have a fan and being so close to the microphone it tends to create audible background noise making that method of recording unacceptable.

Here are some step by step tutorials for recording an audio file:

Some YouTube videos on recording good audio from your smart phone:

Send your submission as an audio file by Sunday, May 17 5pm to:

Any questions please email

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