The WAIA Technology Committee would like to connect tech experienced members with less-tech experienced groups to help them with: setting up a new online meeting, check an existing meeting’s settings, hosting the meeting using WAIA’s zoom account – or whatever the group needs and the volunteer can provide.

Below are two links to google forms to send us some information about how you can help – or what help you may need.

WAIA is acting as only as conduit and will not put any requirements on service or rules on what meetings should or should not do in the online space.

We can provide assets like meeting links (ZOOM host from our account) or a google Meeting to share screens/discuss Zoom settings (which is hard to do from within a zoom meeting!) or whatever else we can do to assist more groups have successful online meetings.

If a group is unable to set up their own Zoom host account WAIA is able to provide one if a tech volunteer is available to help the group administrate the meeting. please contact tech@aa-dc.org to request a host.

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