Claiming The Host/Role Code

Meeting Role: Alternate Host

  • Once you enter the meeting, open the Participant list. 
  • At the bottom of the Participant list panel, click Claim Host.
    (Could also be in the “3 dots” menu)
  • Enter the Host Key as provided by the meeting scheduler or original host.

Host Settings

  • The host settings to run the meeting can be found by selecting the three dots icon in the lower right corner of the Participants list panel.
  • The meeting should be re-secured by enabling the waiting room (to slow the flood of participants if you get zoom bombed)
  • The alternate host can also promote participants to co host (right click their name, or choose “more” and click “make co-host”)

If necessary – the original host can re-claim being the host of a meeting by logging in as normal, clicking the three dots and click “Reclaim Host”

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