Zoom Passwords

Updated March 13 11:00 PM

UPDATE: Zoom has only made passwords mandatory for FREE accounts – according to their latest email they are reconsidering their next move:

We had planned to apply this change to admin-managed accounts as well later this month; however, after hearing helpful feedback from our customers, we are re-evaluating how and when we will apply those updated password requirements to such accounts. Please stay tuned for more information!

However – we cannot link to this information on their website because it cannot be found… “Stay Tuned” indeed…

These are not passwords… an article on a new way to think about this inconvenience

Group zoom password options

Members who attend a meeting:

When joining many online meetings through ZOOM you will need a password.

Passwords come from the group who set up the meeting – WAIA does not have access to a password if none has been provided.

If they have provided it to WAIA it will be in the “notes” and look like this:

Note that the above example provides one numeric password for the online meeting (app/computer) and the phone meeting (dial in only).

The below example has one password (Bill2Bob) for the online meeting – and a numeric password for the phone (164417) this is DIFFERENT than the access code.

To join by phone – dial the number, dial the access code then #, if it asks for a participant number hit # again and when asked key in the password and press #.