Zoom Help

The links below are drawn from a variety of sources and are meant to provide general guidance.

If your group needs further assistance, tech committee is happy to help – we have a team of tech volunteers willing to help on a one to one basis – and are always looking for more offering to help.

WAIA can provide a meeting link for a group which has a significant hardship getting the service themselves. However we are not set up to manage very many of these so groups are asked to explore all other avenues (such as NYC intergroup) to get their group a meeting link before asking WAIA for assistance.

WAIA is not endorsing the Zoom service – it became the most common service used by AA groups so we are providing zoom-specific information here. Groups are encouraged to check out alternates such as webex, skype, jitsi, etc.

Setting Up a Zoom Meeting

  • Setting Default Security Settings
  • Anonymity Settings (AA San Francisco & Marin County)
  • Setting Up an Alternate Host
  • Passcodes (Formerly passwords)
    • Passcodes come from the group who set up the meeting – WAIA does not have access to a passcode if none has been provided.
    • Passcodes are highly recommended as a first line of defense for disruptions but zoom does not currently require a passcode be set for a meeting, but the company has hinted it may happen make it a requirement in the near future.
    • Starting September 27th, 2020, ZOOM will be requiring that all meetings have a Passcode or Waiting Room enabled.

Running a Zoom Meeting

Sample Meeting Formats


Joining a Zoom Meeting

If you or your group is having trouble with joining, hosting, security, or just getting a meeting up and running contact tech@aa-dc.org for help.

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